Plant Cooling Often Best Solution

That answer may be mechanical cooling of the workplace. Once considered impractical for drafty old manufacturing plants, cooling makes sense for today’s tighter industrial buildings and warehouses. Further, unlike ventilation alone, mechanical cooling also allows dehumidification. In muggy weather, that’s very welcome.
Industrial operators are in an especially good position to take advantage of today’s steam, hot water and direct-fired gas cooling technologies. Because industrial plants often already have a steam plant, steam absorption cooling can be an attractive option. Further, the use of plant steam may make the boiler itself operate in a more efficient range at a time of year where it might otherwise be loafing. According to John Szymanski from Trane, double-effect absorption chillers can be used where steam pressures are above 60 psig. Pressures of 125 psig at a temperature of 350°F are ideal for this type of absorber.